How do you rank a website to help your business?Your Texas Website needs to rank well and have proper links to be seen and be profitable with the new ranking factors that Google is using. Several high authority search companies continue to do research and test what is making websites rank well in Google search results.

Local Ranking FactorsWhy do you want your website ranking well?  It is reported that nearly half of all searches are for local services. Because of that, those search results is definitely the place where you want to be seen with your website. When people check the search results they only really look at the first page of listings. Of those top ten listings, 51% of clicks for more information goes to the top position. So, it is good strategy to invest time and effort to help rank your business website on that valuable first page of search results.

There are three areas of action you need to rank your website well:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Secure site
  • Website activity signals

Mobile Friendly

Click Through ratios from page one

In 2016, Google began ranking site higher if the site had a mobile version that made the site “mobile friendly. Now in 2018, it is even more necessary to have a mobile friendly version because half of the searches are done on mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile friendly version then your site will not be ranked until after all the mobile friendly sites, probably on page 4 or 8.. your site will not be seen by potential customers.

Secure Site

Keeping your site secure from hackers is a responsible business practice beginning now in 2018. Google as a search engine is leading the way by also requiring your site to be secure.  SSL certificates is the key that locks a site for security.  It is the responsibility of each website owner to engage and SSL certificate on the site to protect its’ visitors. Learn more about SSL here.

Website activity

In order to rank a website, it will be more successful when there is activity on the website.  Google wants to provide up-to-date relevant information that replies to the search query. When there is consistent content that visitors interact with then the search engine Google will rank it higher recognizing it as an authority the visitors respect and come back to get more information. Outside websites that reference or link to your site is a huge booster for ranking your business website. Citations in local directories also help to rank a website for business. Just recently on May 25, the European Union set into place by law that any website  with European visitors and customers must have in place recognition to privacy for GDPR <General Data Protection Regulation>. The EU is purporting to be ready to assess fines that are so high that it bankrupts any business large or small. This is not a voluntary action; this needs to a mandatory protective act that you apply to your business website It is our experience at McAllen Mobile Marketing that embedding a relevant video on the page and providing an outbound link to a national level authority site like Wikipedia or WebMD can also add authority and ranking to a business website.

Conclusion to Rank a Website

The best practice for internet presence is to rank a website for business on the first page of search results. To do that your business website needs to have:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Secure site
  • Website activity signals
    • Links from websites referencing your website
    • Citations from local directories
    • Embedded videos
    • GDPR compliance


We at McAllen Mobile Marketing are happy to offer more information or provide service to you if you need to get your website ranking well on the Search Results. Email

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