Is your Website Mobile Friendly ?

This link takes you to Google Mobile friendly test tool and will explain how your website shows on mobile devices

        Getting Left Behind ?


Texas Flag on Mobile PhoneIn 2015 Google began to drive the need for mobile friendly websites because more and more people are using mobile devices to access information on the web. Without a mobile version of your site, the content is scrunched together into small illegible pages that can only be read by enlarging and scrolling up and down and side to side. This is not the user experience that Google wants to serve. A Mobile Friendly site will have easily legible text and scroll only up and down with clear buttons to access more content. In the search pages, the websites with mobile friendly pages are ranked higher than non-mobile sites. You do not want to get left behind only because you do not have a mobile friendly site.

The images above show Texas State Board websites that are not mobile friendly. Hover over each and it will enlarge to see the details. The images below show this site on mobile as well as two others  that are also mobile friendly.  Notice the two sites we manage: and  both show the SSL secure green padlock also. The Panda Express website shows the green SSL  padlock as well. Each of these site are able to respond to the abundance of mobile device users that begin their search for information on most needs from their smartphone.


Your Site on Mobile: Your Turn

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